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Keeping Our Churchyards Tidy.
The death of a loved one is a difficult time for a family and friends and there are many questions that are raised in the days and weeks that follow. The Church is privileged to be a part of this conversation, along with the Funeral Directors and those in the local Council. Central Telford Parish wish to ensure that the graveyards be maintained in a condition which honours the memory of those whose remains are interred here, and brings comfort to those who are grieving. The Church also has obligation to ensure compliance with the regulations set by the Diocese of Lichfield for all areas where remains are laid to rest. These regulations change from time to time and what was permitted a few years ago, may no longer be the case. On some matters, the Church of England regulations are different from those for a municipal cemetery.

The PCC has issued Guidelines to help with the area of memorials and how to keep our Churchyards tidy and a notice in each of them says " Graveyards are special places for everyone who has a friend or relative whose remains are there so we think it is important to keep them tidy and clean. Please can you help us to respect this by following a few simple rules by making sure you remove flowers and other items when they have died or are no longer clean and making sure the flowers and items you place on your family memorial are contained within the area of the grave itself. Whilst the Church seeks to respect the wishes of families, the Church reserves the right to remove any items from a grave which do not fall within the guidelines laid out in the guidelines document (available online), in order to retain the stated aims of retaining the Churchyard as a place of quiet comfort. In such situations, where and when possible, due warning will be given to the families of the interred."

We are trying to handle this matter sensitively but maintain these areas for the good of all and appreciate your help in doing so.

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