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13 Feb 2018
Central Telford Parish is looking for a part time Administrator
Central Telford Parish is looking for a part time administrator to work from home and support the growing work across the Churches.

The Aim of the Post
To assist the Team Rector and the Staff Team as the point person who receives information about activities happening on a parish basis, and oversees the communication, administration and distribution of the information as necessary in order to promote the unity and unified action of the parish in practice.
Job Responsibilities
  • To work collaboratively with the Staff Team and Parish Administrator.
  • To attend Staff Meetings as required.
  • To manage a Parish Diary.
  • To administrate the Parish Secretary work for PCC Meetings.
  • To receive information from a nominated person in each congregation.
  • To receive information from the ministers/parish Administrator.
  • To oversee staffing for funerals where no member of the ordained staff is available.
  • To put together a weekly email listing of services and notices for the whole parish.
  • To build a Parish email database.
  • To update the Parish website.
  • To ensure that Parish information held by the Diocese of Lichfield is up to date.
  • To coordinate administration needs for Baptism Matters events.
  • To undertake other tasks as directed by the Team Rector or line manager.
 Person Specification
  • Someone who is an active member of the Parish.
  • Someone willing to think “parish” rather than “congregation”.
  • Someone with confident telephone and communication skills.
  • Someone competent with a computer and Office programmes.
  • Someone willing to be flexible in their time.
  • Someone with a sense of humour.
  • The person appointed will be equipped with appropriate computer equipment and a paid mobile phone, allowing for flexible working.
Hours & Salary
  • The role is based on an expectation of two hours a day, Monday to Friday, worked flexibly.
  • The role is based on the understanding that much of the work will be done form home.
  • All proper NI, Pension provision will be negotiated according to Statutory and Diocesan Guidelines.
  • The salary will be negotiable per hour, based on 10 hours a week.
  • Annual holiday provision will be negotiable and include all statutory holidays.
Other Information
  • The person appointed will report to the Team Rector or an appointed Line Manager.
  • The person will not be entitled to be a member of the PCC.
  Job Description agreed by PCC on 13/2/18


Send an email introducing yourself and saying why you are interested in the post, along with a CV and references to Rev Tim Storey (Rector): 
tim @ by Wednesday 21st February.

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