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08 Apr 2018
One For a Purpose - Unity In Christ
Central Telford Parish is pretty unique in its set up with 6 worshiping communities in one parish. Over recent years, the aim has been for us to become more unified in practice and in thinking so that we can do what we do best together as one, and what we do best as individual churches, as individual Churches. Unity is something which we have to work at and "One for a Purpose" aims to help us do that.

Our Programme for Summer Term 2018 ...

Week Beginning 6th May
Be United
Unity Study Book 1

Week Beginning 13th May
Ascension Day - What's That About?
See Notes Opposite

Week Beginning 20th May
Pentecost - What's That About?
See Notes Opposite

Week Beginning 27th May
The Trinity - What's That About?
See Notes Opposite

Week Beginning 3rd June
The Struggle For Unity
Unity Study Book 2

Week Beginning 10th June
The Need For Togetherness
Unity Study Book 3

Week Beginning 17th June
Tangible Unity
Unity Study Book 4

Week Beginning 24th June
World Mission
See Notes Opposite

Week Beginning 1st July
Sustaining Unity
Unity Study Book 5

Week Beginning 8th July
That The World Might Know
Unity Study Book 6 

Week Beginning 15th July
Power To Be United
Unity Study Book 7

The Intro to the book says this ...
In a world of brokenness, pain, confusion and lack of trust, surely there are few things more important than the call for the Church to unite? A united body was what Christ longed for before he was arrested because he knew that if the Church could be one and stand together, then more and more people would be drawn to him (John 17). Encouragingly, this cry for Christian unity seems to be getting louder, perhaps because many of the divisions in society are growing wider. In our culture separation, hostility and isolation are seemingly rampant — mentally, physically, tribally, spiritually, geographically and emotionally — and yet the Father calls his children to cross all of these divides by coming together and reflecting his glory. Surely in a world that is torn apart, the reality of a united body becomes even more infectious to those who are lost?

This material is an aid to assist us in thinking about how we can come together, how we can love one another — see each other for who we truly are and work side by side for the sake of the Kingdom. We all know that there is an enemy whose aim it is to tear down and destroy any unity that we may have, and yet the mission of God is victorious over his plans. The devil prowls around trying to wreck relationships, but the Lord draws us together by his Spirit to demonstrate his love to those who don't yet know him. It is time for the Church to rise up in unity - all for one.

The sessions use key Scriptural passages relating to unity and centre primarily on John 17 - Jesus' key prayers to the Father before his death and resurrection. The dream is that more of us would overcome hurdles that stop us from uniting, like those highlighted In 1 Corinthians with Paul, Apollos and the church (session 2). God longs that we would focus on ways that we can work together, not separate into factions. We all have weaknesses and insecurities, but in writing these notes the hope is that we will still be able to discover our place in the body of Christ and serve him together (1 Corinthians 12). John 17 highlights the need for our unity to be tangible so that the world might believe. Seeking unity is not about a church 'bless up' but rather displaying and witnessing the glory found in the Godhead so that others are pointed to Jesus.

Our humanity is a great obstacle to unity, but the hope is that as we look at models for sustaining unity (session 5) from Acts 6 and recognise the role of the Spirit to give us power to walk together from Acts 4 (session 6), we can be better equipped to journey forward as one. Prayer (as modelled by Jesus) is the vital ingredient to aiding us in our unity and therefore these notes conclude with a focus on various prayers that we hope will be a blessing through the months ahead.

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