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03 Jan 2018
Acts - Seeing God's Power in Action
This spring, we're going to be looking at the work of the Holy Spirit in the early Church ...

Just before Acts begins, the disciples are wallowing in the mire of their craven fear, self-doubt and personal shame. Apart from their master, they are a pathetic group indeed (John 20:19; Luke 24:11). However, by the second chapter of Acts, the same men who abandoned Jesus at Gethsemane have become irrepressible dymamos, preaching with utter conyiction-and at great personal risk the mighty acts of God. Acts is an important book for us because it confirms that the power of the Holy Spirit, which transformed the disciples' lives, is the same power that can transform our lives today.

  • Acts serves as a distant mirror we see the dynamics of the earliest church, the nature of their fellowship, the intensity of their prayer life and their out-and-out zeal to declare the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. What does it mean to be the church today?
  • Acts emphasizes the primary task of the church - reaching out. ln Acts we see the entire process of calling, healing, empowering and sending people out to love and obey Jesus Christ.
  • Acts calls us to a real experience with the Holy Spirit. The book of Acts reveals the Holy Spirit as the driving force behind all meaningful ministry in Jesus'name.
  • Acts forges a new sense of identity. The disciples gradually realised that they were part of a new community of the spirit that was prophesied in the Old Testament - the people of God in Jesus.

So this is what this term looks like ...

The Early Church and the Acts of the Holy Spirit

7th Jan       The Baptism of Jesus
14th Jan     You Will Be My Witnesses                      Lifebuilder 1
21st Jan      Receiving the Power                             Lifebuilder 2
28th Jan     Healing Power                                      Lifebuilder 3
4th Feb      Called into Question                              Lifebuilder 4
11th Feb    Oneness of Heart                                  Lifebuilder 5
18th Feb     Lent and How To Use It
25th Feb     Persecution and Expansion                   Lifebuilder 6
4th Mar      Spirit & Wisdon                                    Lifebuilder 7
11th Mar     Mother's Day
18th Mar     The Power of Suffering                         Lifebuilder 8
25th Mar     Palm Sunday
1st April      Easter Day
8th April      Saul, Conversion                                 Lifebuilder 9
15th April    Salvation for Every Nation                    Lifebuilder 10
22nd April   The First Jewish-Gentile Church            Lifebuilder 11
29th April    Miraculous Escape                               Lifebuilder 12

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